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Treasure Island

Ürün kodu: 269668
16,00 TL

Peşin fiyatına 3 taksit

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  • Treasure Island

    Jim Hawkins is a young boy. He has a very calm and normal life. He works at his parents’ inn called ‘Admiral Benbow’. One day, an old seaman with a secret past comes to stay in the inn for some months. And from that day on, Jim’s life changes once and for all. Jim finds himself in the center of dangerous and awful events. As a result, he has a map which leads to the biggest pirate treasure in the world – Flint’s treasure on the Skeleton Island.

    Jim entrusts Doctor Livesey and Mr Trelawney with a secret at once. They decide to go to sea within a very short time. Captain Smollett and John Silver find a good ship and a strong crew for the oncoming voyage. And so Jim and his friends set sail in search of Flint’streasure. On their way, Jim faces an unbelievable treason, mutiny, death, greed and loss of human values. He fights for his life and takes the most serious decisions in order to live…

    Who will lay hold of the bloody treasure? Will justice triumph over greed? This amazing story is full of bravest adventures and unexpected turn of events.

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